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Irrefutably, the internet has provided us with unprecedented access to knowledge. However, the past months have demonstrated a frightening descent into a state of networked delirium. Increasingly, the ground has dissolved beneath us: memes proliferate and confusion spreads like a plague. Faced with an abundance of consumer choice, political positions seem arbitrary and contrived- yet still flow freely through the net, screaming for dominance. The old gods of folk superstition have emerged from the ash of consensus. Information provided to us by our elected sources has consistently proven false. Media outlets seem no better than a teenage blog, senselessly echoing their peers. Even science is suspect, and technological structures based on the annihilation of error are ever subsumed into chaos.

The question of trust seems precedent. What information can we trust? Should we trust at all? Certainly not online. The old motto ‘Trust No One’ still applies.

The new dark age signals a desperate need to return to media objectivity. In the meantime: question what you think you know and check your sources carefully. Shut down your social media accounts to shelter from the noise. Go dark.

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