‘Phix’ by Amy Ireland on aft3r.us

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“… It was at once the most terrifying and the most thrilling thing Imogen had ever seen. Looking up at it from below, she felt she finally understood the desire of her species to throw itself recklessly into the unknown extremities of deep space. The strange pull of that unfathomable abyss, full of such wild and inexplicable stuff. It spoke to her like nothing she’d dragged off the terrestrial downlink ever had…”

On a corporate Ice Mining settlement deep in the “weirdness of the Solar System”, a 19 year old hacker starts asking the right questions. Published by After Us, a future-facing journal exploring the thresholds of art, technology and politics; ‘Phix’ is cosmic horror at it’s most (perfectly) abhorrent.


Amy Ireland is a theorist and experimental poet based in Sydney. Illustration by Rich Foster.


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