A Timeline of AI Failures

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An article by Roman Yampolskiy warns that the “frequency and the seriousness of future AI failures will steadily increase” and presents this ominous timeline:

1959 AI designed to be a General Problem Solver failed to solve real world problems.

1982 Software designed to make discoveries, discovered how to cheat instead.

1983 Nuclear attack early warning system falsely claimed that an attack is taking place.

2010 Complex AI stock trading software caused a trillion dollar flash crash.

2011 E-Assistant told to “call me an ambulance” began to refer to the user as Ambulance.

2013 Object recognition neural networks saw phantom objects in particular noise images

2015 Automated email reply generator created inappropriate responses.

2015 A robot for grabbing auto parts grabbed and killed a man.

2015 Image tagging software classified black people as gorillas.

2015 Adult content filtering software failed to remove inappropriate content.

2016 AI designed to predict recidivism acted racist.

2016 Game NPCs designed unauthorized super weapons.

2016 Patrol robot collided with a child.

2016 World champion level Go playing AI lost a game.

2016 Self driving car had a deadly accident.

2016 AI designed to converse with users on Twitter became verbally abusive.

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