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Introducing the Turing-Church– a magazine that brazenly mixes science, technology, religion and spirituality into one speculative package. Light and ascension metaphors abound in an striving toward the singularity in which human minds will be uploaded into universal computer and spread like a rash across the cosmos.

Light is the medium of computation, and databases, energized by the sun, broadcast a new technological enlightenment. As exemplified by the Turing-Church, the dazzling brightness of these light-giving metaphors (appropriate as they may be) could be mistaken the dawn of an emergent god or an ultra-intelligent A.I.

Matteo Pasquinelli relates the obsession with artificial intelligence as a new form of animism: “Technological Singularity (according to which computing machines would become self-conscious) seems typical of the human tendency to anthropomorphize the unknown”. We should strive to recall that in encountering the cosmic (and indeed- the technological) we are faced with something wholly other.


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