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“People tell some crazy lies about us suns. Don’t believe anything.”

Weird sun Twitter is one of many fascinating poetic projects that have surfaced on the Twitter interface. Using the structure of profiles and word-count restricted postings, WST is a complex entity that presents a strange, cryptic coherence. The seemingly bottomless association of profiles follow a similar pattern, examples including: Element of Set, Voice of Chorus, Subset of Set, I Of Legion, Curl of Gradient, Cause of Problem, Forge of Truth, Cusp of Pleasure, Proof of Logic, Disciple of Order, Aspect of Affinity and more. They appear to have a single creator, username Grognor, whose online identity is equally slippery and fragmented. WST seems to be some kind of extremely advanced memetic experiment or exercise in hyperstition. Below is a selection of some of the many mystery-emanating tweets- subscribe to the WST list and follow the individual compartments to encounter its queerness first hand.

“The inevitability of memetic mutation.” -Disciple of Order

“Help I’m trapped in a narrative.” -Slope of Function

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can become a large group of thoughtless, committed citizens.” –Member Of Species ‏

“What are the economics of Breathing? What are the proteomics of Eating Meat? What are the linguistics of Kissing Your Mother With That Mouth”– Value of Type
“Diet? Penitence? Now buy hedonically reduced Instance of Class Product! Choose 100%, 99.9997%, 50%, 20%, 0%, or -1,000% hedonic value.” -Object of Objects

“Shallow cynicism: “What if it’s masks all the way down?” Deep cynicism: “What if it’s faces all the way down?”” –Subset of Set

“A weird sun, rising over the holy mountain. A dawn, final in so many regards.” -Void of Space

“We may not be as wise as Word/Language, or as generous as Content/Media, or as funny as Mask/Face, but at least we are all the same person.” – Musician of Note

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